SHE LEADS A NEW FUTURE with Kate Ruby Aroha
Are you ready for ridiculously big 'who does she think she is' conversations that cause change? You've found them. I know you're here for big big stuff. Each episode is designed to ignite that within you further. My name’s Kate Ruby Aroha - I build companies, and mentor leaders. Im passionate about creating long term wealth AND a life that truly works. Im obsessed with boundaries, systemisation and leverage. Meticulous about the relationships I have in my life, and the quality of the team around me. My intention is that these conversations flick switches within you that you need. Whether its around: having high performance teams, extraordinary boundaries, recreation in long term relationships, or optimising our skin (!!!). We want things to be the way we want them, and we're not here to settle or explain. Lets kick off the conversation, Ill see you in there... Show more