WildCats Pawcast
Welcome to "WildCats Pawcast," the podcast show dedicated to the preservation of two majestic and endangered big cats - wild tigers and Amur leopards. Join our passionate host, Amy van Gelder, as she embarks on an inspiring journey to raise awareness about the critical issues threatening these magnificent creatures and their habitats. In each captivating episode, "WildCats Pawcast" takes you on an immersive exploration into the world of tiger and Amur leopard conservation. From remote rainforests to vast grasslands, each habitat poses unique challenges to the survival of wild tigers and Amur leopards. Joined by global experts, our show delves deep into the threats they face, from poaching and habitat loss to human-wildlife conflict and climate change. We also examine the multifaceted strategies and innovative solutions being implemented to safeguard the future of these beautiful big cats. "WildCats Pawcast" not only educates but also empowers you to make a positive impact. Through inspirational stories and actionable insights, we invite you to become a part of the global movement to protect wild tigers and Amur leopards. Together, we can preserve these incredible species and the delicate ecosystems they call home. Show more