The Noel Casler Podcast
Stand-up comedian, podcast host and political commentator Noel Casler is best known for his outspoken commentary on Twitter, and unveiling truths in his weekly Car Rant’s about his 25 years experience behind the scenes in live television and in the music industry. Videos of his stand-up routines have reached millions, especially his revelations about working with the Trump family. Noel is a frequent guest on various Sirius XM and iHeart Radio podcasts; and in 2021 decided to officially launch his own aptly named podcast the Noel Casler Podcast. With producer Jimmy Kennedy, Noel excels at breaking down complex socio-political subjects into funny and entertaining vignettes that often get shared to millions. Jimmy Kennedy is a content creator that serves The Noel Casler Podcast as the show’s executive producer. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana Jimmy earned a degree in communication from the University of Indianapolis in May of 2017. Before his work with Noel, Jimmy worked for 4 seasons as a game-day staff member with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Jimmy lends his voice and experiences by speaking at events for the non-profit organization Timmy Global Health since 1999. Through his presentations to various audiences, Jimmy advocates on behalf of people with disabilities, promoting a message of inclusion and ability. Show more