UXpeditious: UX design and research interviews
UXpeditious brings you quick, insightful interviews with design, product, and UX leaders. Hosted by industry experts, Alfonso de la Nuez (UserZoom co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer) and Dana Bishop (VP of Strategic Research Partners), each 15-minute episode is packed with smart insights and ideas, from the greatest thinkers, leaders, and executives, across the digital experience industry. If you're ready to learn more about UX design, research methods, UI design, UX testing, UX survey questions (or questionnaires), and much more, listen in to learn actionable and measurable takeaways to improve your UX insights. UX product developers, researchers, designers, and executives can tune into the first two season's episodes about… • how IKEA - major global retailer - leans into digital innovation • how to unlock innovation with the right research participants • how leadership is just another design problem • how to harness big data to transform research practice with User Insights and Research at SAP • the fundamental need for research operations with the Research Operations Manager at Atlassian • how to make a financial institution user friendly with the Global Head for UX and Design at Banco Santander • UX research and the power of influence with the SVP and Head of Design at Lightstream • how to master UX content strategy with the Senior Manager of UX Content Strategy at Walmart • and how accessibility is a win for everyone from the Head of UX & Digital Accessibility for Harvard Library. Hear also from visionaries and problem solvers at Dropbox, CapitalOne, JP Morgan Chase, Contentsquare, LinkedIn, Best Buy, and much more! Show more