The Podmaster: podcasting growth advice and insights for people and brands
I'm 'The Podmaster', here to help you with podcasting, whether you're a brand or an individual who's looking to grow your podcast and attain 'podmastery'. My name is Neal Veglio and I've been in the podcasting game since 2001, when I became the first person in the UK to upload audio of my then radio show online, and generate an audience. This audience followed me throughout my radio career and engaged with my various other podcasts. But it wasn't always easy. And when I took a career break from radio for a few years in 2007, I had to learn how to build audience without the lift of an FM frequency. I now help other podcasters to achieve their goals through my company Podknows Podcasting. Each episode, I'll be offering you some insights into what I've done and what I've helped my clients do with our podcasts in the hope we can help YOU increase your podcast's chances of becoming more successful! And ensuring you can avoid the dreaded 'podfade'! This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy Show more