Candidly with Coffee
In this podcast, we provide no-nonsense advice on living a healthy lifestyle and cutting through the noise of misinformation out there. Jeanine and Mike are Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coach's who offer practical tips and strategies to help you optimize your nutrition, fitness, and mindset, so you can achieve your health goals with confidence. Tune in for honest, evidence-based discussions that will empower you to take control of your health and wellness journey. It's not all serious though, we also sprinkle our views on the latest in celebrity news and gossip.Get ready for a hilarious ride through the world of pop culture with our podcast! We're here to deliver the latest news and buzz-worthy headlines with a fun and comedic twist. From celebrity gossip to viral memes, we cover it all and bring our unique perspective to each topic. We also have candid conversations about marriage, relationships, parenting and any other thing that life throws our way! Grab your coffee and join the conversation. Show more