Prescription for Purpose
The Rx For Purpose Podcast is your sanctuary for spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and personal development. This show is a lifeline for millennial black women who are frustrated with trying to live God's way without seeing any real transformation. We get it, and you're not alone. We delve into topics like mental health, wellness, career, leadership, and relationships, offering purposeful strategies deeply rooted in Biblical principles. This isn't about empty platitudes; it's about empowering you to hear from God for yourself and apply His word in a way that brings about genuine change. Get ready for a transformative journey that equips you to live a life of peace, pace, and prosperity.Your host, Dr. Sharla Walker, is your spiritual wellness advocate and Bible study bestie. With a doctorate in nursing and specialized training in Biblical studies, she's well-equipped to navigate life's complexities. But don't be fooled; the transformative power of this podcast flows from the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Sharla leans into divine guidance, ensuring that each episode is not just informative but spiritually transformative. Tune in to activate your faith, deepen your relationships, and discover the life, liberty, and pursuit of holiness you've been yearning for. Show more