Meditative Prayers by Pray.com
Christian prayer is the ultimate form of self care. Christian meditation allows you to set your mind on God’s presence and His Word. Pray.com’s Meditative Prayers podcast is designed to boost focus, redirect negative thinking, and improve your relationship with God. Prayer is one of the most important practices in Christianity; it’s how we thank God for providing us with blessing, ask Him to intervene in times of need, and communicate our deepest thoughts and concerns. Many Christians recognize the power of meditating on Scripture and the importance of talking directly with our Lord. Pray.com’s Meditative Prayers podcast hosted by Zach Clinton and Dr. Tim Clinton, makes it easier to stay focused, spend quality time in a restful state, place your burdens on God, and promote the faithful renewal of your mind, body, and soul. Fall asleep to the Meditative Prayers podcast every night by pouring out your adoration to God, confessing your sins, give thanks to God, and calming your heart with prayer. Show more