What’s The Deal? | Values-Driven Leadership: A Conversation with Alex Gorsky
What does it mean to be a values-driven leader? In this episode, David Rawlings, CEO for JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Canada, sits down with Johnson & Johnson’s former Chairman and CEO, Alex Gorsky. They discuss how Alex’s values-driven leadership has influenced his career, from his military service to his roles as Chairman and CEO of J&J. Ahead of the 41st J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, Alex shares how he led J&J by driving innovation especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alex also talks about his experiences as a board member and advises CEOs and directors on navigating market uncertainty and advocating for businesses to have a broader impact on society.  00:05 - Intro 02:26 – Growing Up in the Midwest 04:36 – From West Point to the West Coast 07:55 – Becoming a Leader at J&J 11:48 – COVID-19 – A Seminal Career Experience 17:25 – Making Big Strategic Moves 19:42 – Industry Collaboration at J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Conference 21:16 – Healthcare Trends and Insights 25:48 – Advice for CEOs and Board Directors Show more