Positive Negative
Positive Negative creates discussion with a wide range of people around the same set of questions, building a picture of how a certain topic or event is affecting them.In series one we’re discussing the Coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. With COVID-19's sudden and dramatic spread across the globe, we'll be connecting with people from varying personal and professional backgrounds to see what impact the virus, and its repercussions, are having on them personally, professionally, economically, emotionally, physically and more Beginning with those within our own broad networks of friends and colleagues, we'll spread the net as far and wide as we can, to help capture stories that shine a light on the breadth of experiences going on in the world around us in this unusual and challenging time. SUBSCRIBE NOW to make sure you don't miss it! You can also follow us on Twitter.com/PosNegative & find us on Facebook & using #posnegative Show more