Quotable: A Female Entrepreneur Podcast
Founder of Quotable Media Co, Alessandra Pollina, is amplifying the stories of women-owned businesses and bringing you authentic inspiration from her years of experience as the leader of her own boutique PR agency. How do I start a business? What are successful female entrepreneurs doing to stand out? How can I get my product in the news? Where are female entrepreneurs investing their time and money? What are the PR tips I need for my small businesses? Whether you’re just getting started with a new business idea, or if you’ve been running a company for years, consider this show your companion through it all. Quotable: A Female Entrepreneur Podcast is a conversation style business and marketing podcast, filled with practical tips to take your brand to the next level, and real life behind the scenes stories from other women in business to inspire you to see what’s possible, dream bigger, and never have to feel alone in business again. Host Alessandra Pollina brings you PR and marketing tips, business and networking hacks, goal setting tips and more to help you grow your brand and check off all of those business benchmarks. Alessandra shares authentic advice on life as a female entrepreneur and staying true to yourself along the way, and as part of the Quotable mission to amplify the stories of women-owned businesses, she’s interviewing female entrepreneurs who are doing it all too. Hear from others who have overcome their challenges and seen success in their own unique industries. From product based businesses, to e-commerce and digital marketing, to finance gurus and business coaches- there is a story here just for you. If you’re interested in more inspiration and stories of female entrepreneurship check out Quotable’s other platform for amplifying women’s voices, Quotable Magazine, online and in print at quotablemediaco.com/quotable-magazine. Because we’re quotable and so are you. Learn more at www.quotablemediaco.com/podcast and follow along at @quotablemediaco and at @quotablemagazine Show more