Present Profitable Mom
As a mompreneur, I know you’re tired of the pressure to make your life and business look Instagram-perfect. Me too! This is why I’m helping Moms just like you build a profitable business using a membership model to multiply your income, but NOT your work hours! Being a present mom is your top priority, and your business should support your life instead of requiring you to sacrifice it. I’m here to help you earn sustainable, scalable income in part-time hours by boosting your mompreneur mindset, inspiring your membership business idea, and supporting you with the accountability and systems you’ll need to be successful. Join me each week for a short episode as my guests and I share wisdom around creating a positive impact in our family AND the world, in a way that actually works for real mom life. Get ready to laugh, experience breakthroughs in clarity, and be encouraged as you navigate the power of the membership model, lean into the synergy of community, and find harmony in enjoying a present motherhood and running profitable business you love! Follow me on Instagram @presentprofitablemom Visit www.presentprofitablemom.com Show more