Lead with the Enneagram with Host Tracy O’Malley
If you are new to the Enneagram or are a hardcore Enneagram junkie, but aren’t sure what to do with this incredible growth tool to take all that work you are doing in Personal Development to actually transform your life, personally and professionally, you have landed on THE Perfect Podcast for YOU.In case you are new to me, I am Tracy O’Malley, highly sought after Master Performance Coach, Top Enneagram Expert, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur and a Mom to two incredible Millennials.I have helped millions all over the globe; individuals, couples, families, leadership teams, fortune 100 Executives and CEOs step into the leaders they were always designed to be and create an effective and beautiful culture not only in their Professional Teams, but also their Home Teams.In this show, not only will I teach you the complexities of the Enneagram, I will show you in real time how to integrate it in every area of your life. I will guide you to think and perform differently, uncover and change habits that no longer serve you, plus shift your relationship with money and intimacy by identifying where you are blocked and rewire those limiting beliefs.You will also be able to listen to this all in action as I feature beautiful candid interviews with people that walk their talk, while sprinkling in some hot seat coaching sessions and Client Spotlights with those that have gone before you on this journey with me.To do this, I will use a combination of my transformative method of Enneagram framework implementation, along with my unique performance coaching style that has allowed me to help transform millions of lives worldwide for over a decade. Give me your attention twice a week and I promise your life will change in ways you never imagined, personally and professionally. Live your life by design, not default. Show more