The Prime Ministers
Season One of ‘The Presidents & Prime Ministers brought to life all 55 of Britain's Prime Ministers through interviews with the authors of all 55 essays in Iain Dale’s book The Prime Ministers: Three Hundred Years of History. From the obscure 18th-century figures like the Earl of Shelburne and Henry Pelham to 20th-century titans like Churchill and Thatcher, these podcasts provide a much-needed reminder about their motivations, failures and achievements. Season Two, gives the same treatment to the 45 US Presidents from George Washington through to Joe Biden, with each episode featuring an interview with the author of the essay about a President in Iain Dale’s book ‘The Presidents’. Season Three contained interviews about the various and varied Irish Taoisigh, whilst the new Season 4 takes you through England and the UK's many Kings and Queens, as featured in Iain's book Kings and Queens: 1200 Years of English and British Monarchs. Buy signed copies of ‘The Prime Ministers’, ‘The Presidents’ and 'Kings and Queens' at Show more