Out of the Closet Sports
From renowned influencer Papa Forge and celebrated actor Zach Booth comes “Out of the Closet Sports.” A new podcast where the hosts discuss all things sports from the gay perspective. Papa Forge is a content creator @RainbowDads on TikTok/Instagram with an audience of over 1M followers. A former college athlete, rugby player, and rabid football fan, they practically bleed Buffalo Bills’ red and blue. Zach Booth @zachboothdorff is an actor who has starred on Broadway, Television, and the Big Screen. He’s currently a Big Apple Softball League member and the Yankee’s gayest fan. Together, they bring their fifteen-year friendship and a lifetime love of sports to discuss, explore, and explain their point of view on all things balls, bats, baskets, and more… Each episode, when they aren’t busy dragging each other, our hosts will provide commentary on current events in the sports world through a lavender lens and offer insight into the culture of sport. A highlight of each episode, Gametime is their regular segment, where they play clever and innovative games filled with chaos, controversy, and a whole lotta GAYNESS. Their collective sporting experience and penchant for disagreement make each episode of Out of the Closet Sports entertaining, insightful, and just a little bit awkward.  🦄 Subscribe to Out Of The Closet Sports for FREE and never miss an episode. (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Wherever you listen) Show more