CRAFTED. is a show about great products and the people who make them. Incredible founders, makers, and innovators reveal how they build game-changing products and companies — and how you can, too. Honored twice by the Webby Awards as a top tech podcast. Discover the future of product development, technology, and AI on CRAFTED. Hosted by Dan Blumberg, an entrepreneur, product leader, and former public radio host. Each episode of CRAFTED. brings you closer to the founders, innovators, and technologists who are reshaping industries and building groundbreaking companies. Through thought-provoking conversations, you'll uncover the secrets behind their success and learn how you can apply their strategies to your own ventures. What product trade-offs did they make? What experiments did they run? And what was the moment when they knew they were on to something BIG? Guests include leaders of top startups and enterprises, such as: - Gusto founder and CTO (Eddie Kim) on why the right mindset is key to engineering and product success - Lattice founder and CEO (Jack Altman) on building a startup that unlocks human performance - Asana head of AI (Paige Costello) on how AI is changing the nature of work and the way products are built - Moov founder and CEO (Wade Arnold) on fintech innovation and why he’s rebuilding payments technology from scratch - BetterUp chief product management and innovation officer (Gabriella Rosen Kellerman) on the “Tomorrowmind” skills you need to flourish today - Kelsey Hightower, a legendary developer and Kubernetes pioneer, on why great software is emotional — and how you can innovate long after going from zero to one - Flatiron Health CTO (Cat Miller) on fighting cancer with data - SYSTM founder and CEO (Matt Lerner) on how to grow your startup - OpenSpace founder and CEO (Jeevan Kalinithi) on how AI and 3D technology are transforming the construction industry - DoWhatWorks founder and CEO (Andres Glusman) on running impactful experiments and A/B tests - Axiom Space head of in-space manufacturing (Jana Stoudemire) on why quantum computer chips may soon be made in outer space - Plus, leaders from BNY Mellon, Red Bull, AppFolio, Gartner, Katalyst, Betterment, and more - And, special live episodes from SXSW and NYC Tech Week on AI, biotech, fintech Listen to be inspired and learn from industry leaders in tech, and beyond. CRAFTED. brings you inspiring stories of entrepreneurship in technology, insight into tech trends that drive innovation in products, and business strategy insights. CRAFTED. is brought to you in partnership with Docker, which helps developers build, share, run, and verify applications anywhere without environment confirmation or management. More than 20 million developers worldwide use Docker's development tools, services, and automations to accelerate the delivery of secure applications. Hosted by Dan Blumberg, founder of Modern Product Minds, where he advises companies on product, discovery, growth, and experimentation. Dan is a technologist and a former public radio host. He’s been a founder and led major product releases and growth initiatives at LinkedIn, The New York Times, Citi Ventures, and more. Before getting into product management, Dan led the team behind Morning Edition on WNYC, the most listened-to show on the nation’s largest NPR station. He also hosted and reported on air for this and other marquee news shows at WNYC, Chicago Public Radio, and for national broadcast on NPR. Listen to CRAFTED. to find out what it *really* takes to build great products and companies. _____________ Subscribe to the CRAFTED. newsletter at http://Crafted.fm Connect with Dan: - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dblums/ - X: @dblums - Instagram: @crafted.podcast CRAFTED. is produced by Modern Product Minds. Learn more at https://modernproductminds.com/ ___________ CRAFTED. is brought to you in partnership with Docker. Learn more at https://www.docker.com/ - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/docker/ - X: @docker - Instagram: @dockerinc Show more