Craft. Attention to detail. Constant iteration. There’s an art to creating great software. Crafted is a show about great products and the people who make them. Honored by the Webby Awards as a top technology podcast, and featuring an roster of incredible product and company builders. Host Dan Blumberg speaks with engineers, designers and product people to understand: What trade-offs did they make? What experiments did they run? And what was the moment when they knew – when they just knew – that they were on to something? Crafted is produced by Artium, where we care deeply about the craft of building great software — and great companies. We help organizations build great products, great teams, and the culture of craft needed to build great software long after we’re gone. Learn more about Artium at thisisartium.com and start a conversation at hello@thisisartium.com And join us here as we explore the art of craft. Show more