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Millennial Investing by The Investor’s Podcast Network is hosted by Patrick Donley and Shawn O'Malley.  Millennial Investing is one of the top-ranked investing podcasts in the world geared to the millennial generation. Here’s what we do: - We have conversations with the world’s best investors, entrepreneurs, authors, and thinkers and explore their ideas, methods, and stories to help YOU better invest your time and money. - Think of us as your research team who finds the most interesting and profitable investing and business insights that you'd normally have to pay for. Except it’s free! - Our mission is to improve people’s financial literacy and business savvy to help in making better investment decisions with their time and money. Start listening. Master the best of what other people have already figured out so you can use their lessons in your life to learn how to invest and build wealth. Follow Patrick on X at @JPatrickDonley, and Kyle on X @Shawn_OMalley_. Support our show by becoming a premium member! Show more