The MaYapinion® Podcast
Welcome to The MaYapinion® Podcast - "Empowering Women, One Opinion at a Time." Maya Roffler is the host and founder of two podcasts, entrepreneur, owner and founder of MaYapinion® LLC, owner and founder of Find A Co-Host, and an investor. She spent over a decade in Corporate America, and she decided to leave to build her businesses. On the The MaYapinion® Podcast, Maya has shared various aspects of her life. The first launch and four seasons of the show were about her experience on reality tv in 2016 and 2017 while losing her brother to a homicide when he was only 27. She relaunched in 2019 as a show focusing on Leadership for Women.After 125 episodes of the leadership podcast, Maya has rebranded again to shift the focus to entrepreneurship. She made this decision as she has shared her corporate experience and leadership perspective since late 2019, and now, she knows it is time to evolve the show's focus to entrepreneurship as she is on her own entrepreneurial journey.We invite you to join Maya and her special guests on their journeys and listen to the entrepreneur podcast for women: MaYapinion® - "Empowering Women, One Opinion at a Time." Show more