Mommy's on a Call - Health and Wellness for Modern Moms, Entrepreneurship, Work-Life Balance, Self-Care Habits, Mindful Paren
Wellness Simplified. Whole Health Strategies for Modern Moms. Do you feel like you’re constantly drained trying to figure out how to balance it all - pursuing your career or running a business while juggling your kids schedules and still finding time to prioritize your well-being? Do you wish you could stay consistent with eating healthy, self-care habits and achieving your wellness goals? Do you want to have more fun, build healthier habits, and make more aligned choices, so you can feel less stressed, more rested and more present everyday? I hear you mama. Mommy's on a Call is a podcast dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring YOU, the modern mom, to get the most out of your life - yourself, your family, your work, and your relationships - with more intention, more laughter and more self-care every single unpredictable day. Through real and honest conversations with working moms (mom entrepreneurs, mom founders, CEO moms, career moms), subject matter experts, solo episodes, and more, the podcast goes behind-the-scenes to uncover the daily rituals, life lessons, real-life tactics and favorite tools to help you thrive in wellness and motherhood. My mission is to bring you the top working parent experts in multi-dimensional wellness, career and entrepreneurship, mindful parenting, holistic and integrative health, mindfulness, personal finance, spirituality and more. I’m Stephanie Uchima-Carney, a serial entrepreneur, MBA, Integrative Nutrition health coach and “xennial” mom of 3 little ones (ages 2, 4, and 7 years old). I left a corporate career to follow my intuition and embark on a mission to help other working moms, mom entrepreneurs and moms in transition succeed and flourish in their new season of life: motherhood. So grab your headphones, tell your kids you’re on the potty, and tune in weekly for some laughs, knowledge bombs and plenty of real talk with real moms (and maybe a dad or two). Come join me in my sandbox of life and in this podcast to explore, play and discover something new every single week. And make sure to subscribe and tune in weekly because I know you've yelled "Mommy's on a Call" at least once in the last week!!! Website // https://www.stephanieuchima.com/ Connect on Social // @StephanieUchima and @MommysonaCall Join the FREE Modern Mama Society // https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernbusinessmama Show more