Bodies Are Telling
Latest series: Bodies Are Telling with Jimanekia Eborn Bodies are Telling is a two part exploration of the often complex relationship between the body and the self, told by Jimanekia Eborn through an intimate, personal reflection of her own journey to self-discovery. What are the psychological effects of growing up in a body that is constantly objectified? How do outside influences and expectations impact the way we perceive ourselves? What does it mean to reconnect to our body and heal after experiencing sexual assault? This started out as a podcast discussing bodies that have been impacted by shame and guilt. But it turned into a candid sharing of deep truths; an examination of personal trauma and what it's like to come out on the other side. While also calling in others’ journeys and ideals around their own bodies, this is a story that, sadly, many will listen to and be able to connect with, but, hopefully, it is also a story that many can discover a place of understanding, realisation, and, ultimatley, hope. Previous series: In Touch with Ruby Rare In this documentary series, sex educator Ruby Rare draws on her own personal and professional experience to offer an intimate and playful education around the different ways we connect to our bodies and to each other. Ruby speaks to experts, porn creators and even her parents to explore and understand the very unique ways that we each approach sex and sexuality. We Were Always Here: 2021 marks 40 years since the first cases of HIV or as it was known then 'Gay-Related Immune Deficiency', were identified. It would go on to become one of the most impactful and stigmatised global pandemics in history. This series brings together the unheard voices and the untold stories of those who were most affected but are often missing from the mainstream narratives. The experiences of women, Black People, Trans Community, Sex workers. Clinicians on the front line, People of Colour, volunteers who built helplines from their bedrooms, that rallied together so that no one had to be alone. These are stories of loss, activism, rage, resilience, and - most importantly - community. Show more