The Empowered Serenity Podcast: Practical Discussion on Mental Health and Relationships
Welcome to The Empowered Serenity Podcast, hosted by Brent Peak, LPC.This show will deliver practical, compassionate guidance on mental health and relationships tailored for parents and other busy people.If you are looking for ways to set healthy boundaries, reclaim your self-worth, and build healthier, more fulfilling relationships, you’re in the right place.This podcast will provide you with actionable strategies and heartfelt insights to help you cultivate inner peace and live a more empowered, balanced life.If you want to learn how to manage stress, communicate effectively, and heal from emotional trauma, this is the podcast for you.This show will provide answers to questions like:How can I set and maintain healthy boundaries?How do I reclaim my self-worth after experiencing emotional trauma?How can I improve communication in my relationships?How do I make sure my difficult childhood doesn't affect my parenting and other relationships I care about?What are the best ways to manage stress and achieve life balance?How can I support my mental health while balancing responsibilities in my family, job, and community?How do I cultivate inner peace and mindfulness in my daily life?How can I build healthier, more fulfilling relationships? Show more