Locked On A's - Daily Podcast On The Oakland Athletics
Radio veteran and lifelong Athletic Supporter, "Locked On A's" host Wayne Coy discusses all things A's baseball; past, present and future. From Philly to KC to The Town. From Lefty & Eddie to Catfish & Reggie to Rickey & Eck to Miguel & Giambi to Chappy & Oly to Esty & Zack; Celebrate the Green & Gold and the A's enduring legacy with Wayne every day with "Locked On A's" the daily podcast about the Oakland Athletics, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.  Be sure to subscribe to "Locked On A's" wherever you get your podcasts, and come back every weekday to spend time with one of the biggest A's fans you'll ever meet. Thanks for making "Locked On A's" your first listen every day, and please tell your friends! Show more