Podcast Marketing Trends Explained
It's easier than ever to launch and produce a podcast. But it's never been harder to grow one. On this show, we break down and explore what the data says about what it takes to market and grow a podcast in 2024 to help you make smarter decisions about your show, grow faster, and earn more. Together, cohosts—and longtime podcasters, creators, and marketers—Jeremy Enns (Podcast Marketing Academy) and Justin Jackson (Transistor.fm) explore topics like: How do you define success for your podcast? What are the most effective marketing strategies, tactics, and growth channels for podcasts? What does the data say about how to structure your show and episodes? Which social media channels should you focus on as a podcaster? How do you stack up to other shows? Using the data uncovered by the Podcast Marketing Trends 2023 Report our goal is to make sense of the numbers and turn them into actionable insights that you can use to create a better show and market it more effectively. You can find the full report at podcastmarketingtrends.com/2023. Show more