The Upward Spiral
If you're tired of hearing fluffy and shallow motivational talk skims the surface and does not do anything for you then we can relate. On the Upward Spiral Podcast Davin Marceau (Army Ranger turned COO) and Cody Strate (Sales and Marketing Guru) set their egos aside, and openly discuss their professional and personal failures and success stories. They take on difficult topics and bring a no BS attitude in directly addressing what people really need to hear. Achieving meaningful growth is not an easy process, and Cody and Davin are not selling any quick fixes here. Rather, they focus on helping people form the foundational mindset needed to accept failure with grace, learn from your mistakes, recalibrate your approach, and redeploy with greater wisdom, grit, and determination to achieve transcendent growth on the professional and personal level. The Upward Spiral Podcast is just real stories and unmitigated truth being delivered so you can effectively pursue meaningful growth. After all, in the game of life there are no participation trophies. A WORD OF CAUTION | We are not for everybody, and that’s okay with us. Show more