The Problem With Men
<p><strong>Welcome To The Problem With Men Podcast</strong></p><p>Has there ever been a more confusing and stressful time to be a man?</p><p>It seems the gender goal posts are ever changing, spurred on by events like #metoo; and the growth of tribal identity politics. It can sometimes feel like we&#39;re sitting an exam but we skipped the classes.</p><p>We&#39;re told we have male privilege; and while it might still be a mans world; it doesn&#39;t mean we should be ashamed or afraid to highlight the difficulties we face.</p><p>Masculinity doesn&#39;t have to be toxic, and we&#39;ve shown that by becoming more sensitive; but, we&#39;re also more likely to end our own lives. </p><p>So what does it mean to be a man? Where do we fit into the world?</p><p>How should we approach Dating? Work? Fatherhood?</p><p>The Problem With Men Podcast is here to investigate the issues and challenges facing modern men.</p> Show more