Happy Successful Asians
Welcome to the Happy Successful Asians podcast! My name is Joon Kim, and I'm a coach and entrepreneur here to share ideas on how you can smash the societal limitations and chart your own path towards happiness and success. I used to work in Finance chasing my career goals only to fall into depression, struggling mentally and emotionally and questioning where I had gone wrong. But that pain and struggle took me on a journey to seek answers, and as I came across solutions, I had one simple question, "Why hadn't school taught me these ideas and principles?". I felt that school failed to teach me the lessons that I really needed to become happy and successful. Now I'm here to share what I had learned in the hopes that it’ll help you during our time together, plus I wanted to send some happy vibes your way to brighten your day and make you feel better. I'll also bring on fellow Asians who share similar beliefs and values to highlight their stories, struggles, and lessons so that you can smash through the societal limitations and own your life because it's your birthright. So get pumped because this is going to be fun, energetic, and exciting! Show more