Conscious Habit
Are you a high achiever, people pleaser, or perfectionist? Ever thought that hitting that next big goal or completing that next big project would finally bring the peace and fulfillment you’ve longed for? Welcome to the club brothers and sisters. Somewhere along the way we were taught that the outside world holds the keys to our inner happiness. Whoever is responsible for that narrative is full of shit. So if fulfillment isn’t in the next promotion, or pat on the back, where is it? Conscious Habit, a new show from the People Forward Network, helps answer this question. Host, Amy Woodall is a meditation expert, executive coach, speaker, and business owner. Each episode she’ll help you discover how you can live from your highest most fulfilled self at home and at work. Learn from other conscious leaders as they share their journey to overcome ego and serve the greatest good for their mission and their team. Show more