As She Rises
As She Rises brings together local poets and activists from throughout North America to depict the effects of climate change on their home and their people. Each episode carries the listener to a new place through a collection of voices, local recordings and soundscapes. Stories span from the Louisiana Bayou, to the tundras of Alaska to the drying bed of the Colorado River. Centering the voices of native women and women of color, As She Rises personalizes the elusive magnitude of climate change. The upcoming Season 3 of As She Rises is hosted by Leah Thomas, eco-communicator, author, and founder of the non-profit Intersectional Environmentalist. This season, As She Rises is traversing the Colorado River Basin. Each episode focuses on a different corner of the basin, beginning in the river’s reservoirs on the borders of Arizona and Utah, and finishing in the dry delta in Mexico – understanding water through a new lens and centering stories of resilience in the face of the drought. Show more