Transform Talks: The Supply Chain Transformation Podcast
Just over 20 years ago I arrived in the UK with less than £1,000 to my name. I knew that the only way to succeed was to never settle for “good enough.” Through a mixture of hard work, humility and quite frankly dogged determination I managed to transform my life. Fast forward to the present day and I’m now the Co-Founder and CEO of The Future Insights Network, a fast-growing network of over 130,000 manufacturing, supply chain, and digital transformation leaders. Yes, my life is intense, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. On this podcast I will be sitting down with globally renowned thought leaders from the world of supply chain, manufacturing and business to bring you refreshingly down-to-earth conversations with the people responsible for transforming our everyday lives. If I have learnt anything from my 25 years working in senior leadership positions is that whilst change is almost inevitable, true transformation is very much a conscious choice. My question for you therefore is, are you ready to be transformed? I’m Maria Villablanca and this is Transform Talks. Show more