Entertainment Dudes
In the beginning.... .....two creatives worked in the same market for years, had all the same industry friends, but had never met each other. When they finally did meet, there was a collaborative and creative explosion so large that it could be felt around the world. That day, was the beginning of Entertainment Dudes. ​Cam Cornelius and Jason Crossman have extensive on and off-camera experience. Jason is an accomplished Emmy Award-winning film & video director, while Cam is a multi Emmy Award-winning Voice Actor and Director of Photography. Together they create entertainment gold and now they want to bring you to the party! ​Entertainment Dudes is your source for the latest tips, tricks, and industry news. Be on the lookout for interviews with working entertainment professionals, behind-the-scenes fun and on-set tutorials, unboxing and trying out the latest in cinema, video and audio gear, and most of all....having a great time showcasing what makes entertainment great. Hold on! The ride is just getting started! Show more