Empowering Her with Melody Pourmoradi
Welcome to Empowering Her - a podcast for women who are ready to uncover their magic, empower girls, and create a life & career that rocks! I’m your host Melody Pourmoradi, author of Empowered Women Empower Girls and XOXO from a girl who gets it, Certified Empowerment Coach, Twin Girl Mama, and the creator of the GiRLiFE Academy. I’ve made it my life’s work to train passionate female leaders to claim true empowerment for themselves so that they can share it with the girls in their lives. After all, isn’t that what we women do when we’ve got something good to share? We spread the love. After working with hundreds of women on unlearning the fears they picked up on in their adolescence, I’ve made it my mission to set our girls up with an unshakable mindset so they can move through their lives with intention, grace and ease...especially when it feels like the hardest thing to do. Join me each week for empowering conversations and actionable steps on how you can shine our own light, claim your own worth and pave the way for our future female leaders. Girls WILL transform our world so let’s do this thing.... Together let’s change the world one girl at a time. Show more