Dark Wars: The Border w/ Sara Carter
You know millions of migrants are flooding into the U.S. But how do they get to the border? It happens through a well-orchestrated alliance between the United Nations and countless Non-Governmental Organizations, or NGO’s. These groups are facilitating the journey from all over the world to Latin America and eventually to the U.S. border. And it’s being paid for with your tax dollars. Our government is also complicit in this invasion by corrupting our asylum policies for easy access, while federal departments move migrants to cities around the U.S. by bus and plane.In this series we investigate the connection among China, the Mexican cartels, the opioid crisis and your backyard. What if I told you it all starts at the southern border? What if I told you that the threats posed by the border crisis are not confined to the southern border at all but are also very real within your state, your town, and even your neighborhood? You’ve heard about the crisis at the southern border… but never like this.Dark Wars: The Border is a podcast series, hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Sara Carter, that conducts in-depth investigations to expose what you are not being told about what’s happening at our 2,000-mile-long border with Mexico.  It uncovers how this crisis touches you and every other American across the country.  Dark Wars is a joint production of Radio America and The Dark Wirehttps://darkwarspod.com/Stay updated when new episodes drop and DarkWars info: Darkwars Email sign up link: https://bit.ly/3FkhRND Show more