Cold Blood: Nordic True Crime
Murder, kidnap, fraud and more from some of the world's coldest nations. From Podimo, Cold Blood: Nordic True Crime is a weekly series based on a hit Danish podcast, exploring startling true crimes from Scandinavia - crimes that made headlines and gripped the region. Hear about Jytte and Mette, who were held captive for years by the leader of a biker gang. The story of the Black Widow, who killed two men and almost got away with it. Or the kidnapping of 5-year-old Oliver, a story that held Denmark in its grip for months on end. Research and text by Martin Hylander. Produced by Roboto for Podimo. New episodes are published every Thursday. Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or for early access and to listen ad-free, subscribe to Podimo UK on Apple Podcasts. Looking for more true crime podcasts? Check out the podcast The Darkness Vaults from Podimo. Available wherever you get your podcasts. Show more