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Adam King is "The Captain" of London based Growth Consultancy Think Like a Fish, and creator of The Growth Accelerator Ecosystem.

If you’re a growth minded professional or business owner, come and eavesdrop on Adam picking the brains of the smartest minds from the world of professional services and marketing, as they share their stories for how they consistently attract and catch their ideal “Big Fish” clients, so others can do the same. .

You’ll discover the strategies they use to consistently generate leads, clients, and referrals, so you can use these winning ideas in your own business to accelerate your success. Plus their stories will help you see you’re not alone on this crazy entrepreneurial journey!

Covering topics including Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Marketing Systems, Lead Generation, Sales, Referrals, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Video Marketing, Podcasting, B2B Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Leadership, Careers, Mindset (and much more…), you’ll learn what works (and doesn’t work) to help you attract and catch more clients, and grow your business! 🙂