B2B Growth Think Tank
The Client Catching Podcast is hosted by Adam King "The Captain" of London based Growth Consultancy Think Like a Fish. The mission of the podcast is pretty simple. To share actionable business development and marketing strategies, ideas and tactics for growing a B2B or Professional Service business. No hype. No false promises. Just real strategies that work, and real stories from the successful business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing experts who have made them work. Join Adam each week as he interviews fellow business owners, thought leaders, and leading experts to discuss everything from marketing strategies to new innovations to the ups and downs of our chosen path to building a successful business serving clients. Covering topics including Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Sales, Referrals, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Video Marketing, Podcasting, B2B Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Leadership, Mindset (and much more…), you’ll learn what works (and doesn’t work) to help you attract and catch more clients, and grow your business! 🙂 Show more