Welcome to BEING: reality TV for your ears. This season, it’s BEING Trans. Over the course of the season, you’ll meet Jeffrey, a transgender man and standup comic navigating a relationship with his partner, Emma. You’ll meet Mariana, a trans woman from Guatemala who is tackling tough issues at a local LGBTQ center along with her coworker Kadence. You’ll meet Chloe, who’s new to Los Angeles, and new to dating as a trans woman. And you’ll meet Sy, who’s figuring out their relationship and family dynamics with their husband Robert since coming out as trans non-binary. Over the season, you'll get to experience what it’s like BEING trans. From Lemonada Media’s BEING Studios: This is BEING Trans. BEING Trans is brought to you with generous support from Marguerite Casey Foundation and Well Being Trust.   Source: BEING Studios Audio Reality™ Show more