UnRuley Leadership: Career advancement, Leader Skills & Productivity Tips for Sensitive Professionals
Breaking glass ceiling with confidence, grace and style.I help purpose-driven professionals like you design a career on YOUR terms. It's where strategy meets intuition to help you break the rules, ignore the rules and make your own damn rules. Go from subject matter expert to influential leader without changing your personality (or drowning in a mile long to-do list). This podcast will help you break free from perfectionism, impostor thoughts and that inner rule keeper that’s keeping you in your career comfort zone. We’re going to talk presence, productivity, career and having it all. It's time to become unapologetically YOU and step into the life you were MEANT to live. Main Topics:🌟 Career growth, development & advancement🌟 Productivity & overcoming perfectionism🌟 Leadership skills & professional confidenceLearn -> https://themintambition.com/Connect -> hello@themintambition.comCommunity -> themintambition.com/communityInstagram -> @themintambitionPS It's spelled UnRuley, not unruly. Because you don't need to follow the rules. Show more