Art is Human Nature
Redefining Arts Education. Art is Human Nature, hosted by Toronto based visual artist Alexander Robinson seeks to redefine what an arts education can be. As an artist, whenever there’s a topic that interests me, I make a painting about it, but lately, I’ve been wanting to learn more about the topics that inspire my art; I want to redefine what an arts education is. How? For each episode, I will talk to someone who knows a lot about the ideas that inspire my art and share my artwork with them. If I make a painting inspired by the concept of love, I’ll speak with a marriage therapist. If I make a painting inspired by comedy, I’ll speak with a comedian. You get the idea. There’s going to be conversations about things like love, therapy, and activism and there’s going to be a lot of cool art too, so if you are interested in taking this journey with me, feel free to subscribe/follow the Art is Human Nature podcast. And also, if you’d like to see the artwork shared in each episode visit artbyrobinson {.com} Show more