Your Jewish Life Your Way with Karen Cinnamon
Here’s the spiel: The Your Jewish Life Your Way show is an audacious and dynamic podcast that explores what it feels like to be Jewish or Jew(ish). Karen Cinnamon, internationally renowned Jewish lifestyle brand expert and host, divulges all of the secrets and know-how to being confident in celebrating and living your Jewish and Jew(ish) life your way. Master how to embrace your mishpucha through the traditions and rituals you’ve been dying to learn more about, without having to compromise life’s everyday hustle. Save your kvetching! We’re talking less Jewish guilt and more Jewish joy here on out. Being Jewish in today’s world is all about belonging and inclusivity. Grab some nosh and join Karen along with your favorite Jewish and Jew(ish) celebrities, creators, and leaders. Discover together how to embrace the community and culture and throw away the stress of feeling like it’s all or nothing. This isn’t your Bubbe’s temple. Join some of the world’s most diverse Jewish voices, and forget about the “right” and “wrong” ways to be Jewish. It’s time to create a Jewish life you love living. Yalla! Show more