The Corporate Escapee
Are you looking to exit big corporate but don't know how to get started? Then this is the podcast for you We will help you find your first customer and not your next job! Our goal is to help would be Solopreneurs, Fractionals, Consultants, Freelancers, Contractors, Independents & side hustlers breakthrough and build the businesses they want and take control of their future In this podcast the host, a Corporate Escapee, Brett Trainor, will interview: • Corporate escapees who are doing interesting things and finding success, on their terms. They share how they did and what they learned. • Subject Matter Experts to share the latest tactics and strategies that will help you succeed • Best Selling Authors • Lastly- I will share my failures and what I learned from them and what worked for me. In each episode, we cover topics such as how to get more customers, pricing, business models, productivity systems and tools, and other topics that will help you breakthrough. Show more