Empath And The Narcissist: Healing from Trauma & Abuse with Human Design
Do you wish you knew the Signs you may be dating a Narcissist? But now you realize you're empath energy is being drained, you're not sure what to do? We address this and how to heal and guard yourself against the narcissist in knowing your unique Energy vulnerabilities through Human Design Education in this podcast. It is Empowering you to shift from being on the emotional rollercoaster, to thriving and knowing your authentic self. You will get messages to your soul three - four times a week, in recovery & healing from narcissist abuse and childhood trauma through Human Design, self care, mindfulness advice, and expert interviews. So if you are ready to shift from survivor to thriver then hit follow and listen to regain your sparkle back after narcissistic abuse And listen to S5 Ep. 10: Are Narcissists Master Manipulators or Idiots? to start https://link.chtbl.com/first_step_ep?sid=shownotes "When it comes to the story of your life, let no one else hold the pen." Your host: I'm Raven, a Narcissist abuse survivor, Author, Podcaster, Certified Meditation Teacher and Human Design Reader. More than 10 years later I now am a happily married mom of two, and passionate about preventing people from entering into toxic relationships and helping victims leave and overcome the pain from narcissist abuse. Healing from PTSD, emotional abuse, havoc on your self worth from the narcissist requires months to years of self care, eft tapping, inner child meditation, self care, self discovery, journaling, and support in therapy from professionals and coaches. Topics covered: Tuesday: Human Design Chart Education Thursday: Narcissism Awareness and How to Rise up with Empowerment practice Saturday: Bonus Inspirational Love Note for Empath Healing Sunday: Expert Interviews on How Empaths can Empower themselves against Narcissism Subscribe and tune in every Sun., Tue., Thur., & Saturday bright and early! https://ravensott.show Show more