The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting
This show is for you if you are searching for podcasting tips, how to podcast, and answers to podcasting questions such as: - How do I start a podcast without feeling overwhelmed? - What equipment do I need? - Is there an easy way to start a podcast? - How do I get my podcast on Apple Podcasts? - How do I get my podcast on Spotify? - How do I promote my podcast? - What should I podcast about? - And so much more… Welcome to "The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Podcasting," your go-to podcast for bite-sized, actionable strategies tailored for anyone diving into the world of podcasting. When I started podcasting in 2020, I found that there wasn't enough information available in a quick and easy way to understand and implement. I figured it out on my own, but it was a slow journey before I started ranking multiple times in the Apple Podcast charts, in multiple countries. This podcast is for you if you want actionable podcasting tips delivered succinctly and without the BS. Tune in and discover the joy of creating your podcast with ease. Show more