Build a Business Success Secrets
A weekly playbook about the inner game of building a business. Making business owners happier, happier and richer. Are you an entrepreneur, founder, business owner who wants to get 100% out of your time, talent and ideas? Do you want a competitive edge, an unfair advantage? If so, then you’ll love the practical and easy to implement, behind the scenes tips Build a Business brings you. Much of the information you’ll learn is unconventional. Not just for the sake of being different, but because in the modern day of business you can't depend on conventional wisdom, old ideas, or antiquated methods to successfully achieve your business goals. The business owners who are learning and using new methods and strategies are the ones that are winning. They’re living happier, healthier lives, while getting rich from their business. You get conversations with business owners sharing their stories on how they are building their business, lessons they’ve learned and what they’d do different after making mistakes. 

All so you don’t repeat their mistakes, giving you the competitive edge. 
You get straight talk, unscripted interviews, with Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Venture Capitalists, and Angel investors so you learn what’s happening on the front lines. 

 You can take all this information and design your own business playbook. You’ll be making the the right moves at the right time. As importantly… Build a Business brings you valuable information on mastering your mind and tuning your body. Not often talked about, but the two other key elements in the playbook that give entrepreneur’s the edge to run the race of building a business. You also get some unconventional guests for a business podcast with Artists, Makers, Musicians, Writers, Adventures and people from other walks of life. Why? Because diversity across different disciplines allows you to think different, to be creative in your business, to think about different approaches and ways of doing things in and for your business. Episodes cover how to build a business plan, how to make a pitch deck to raise money from investors, sales, marketing and social medial marketing strategies, SEO tactics, email list building tactics, operations tips, business tax strategies and…

 With over 100 episodes, the podcast comes to you from the Build a Business recording studio in Half Moon Bay, California. The coastal town in Silicon Valley where many entrepreneurs hide out. About Your Host: Brandon is a founder with two business exits (so far), angel investor, former venture capitalist, worked in management in Marketing at America Online (AOL) and… has a lot of scars on his back from a lifetime of projects he’s tried to turn into a business. He started his career in his twenty’s as a pioneer on the internet founding, bootstrapping, raising money from investors, buying the company back, building and eventually selling, what became the largest social networking and e-commerce site on Internet for sport fisherman called Worldwide Anger and later renamed Tidal Fish. He sold the business to a large media company in 2012. 
He shares his two decades of successes and mistakes so you can replicate the successes and avoid the mistakes to shortcut your way to achieve your goals.

 He’s the editor of the Build a Business Success Secrets monthly print newsletter, has taught over 1,500 students how to build a business plan and pitch deck in thirteen simple slides, and is an active angel investor and business operator.
 Brandon has an BA in Psychology (Psi Chi National Honor Society), a MA in Psychology (Psi Chi National Honor Society) both from Washington College, a MBA from UNC, Chapel Hill and completed post graduate work at Stanford. 
He loves his wife, biking, surfing, fly fishing and going fast.

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