Gary Vee Joins Rich Kleiman In The First Ever Boardroom Cover Story
The inaugural Veecon conference took over Minnesota last weekend and in this episode of Out Of Office, Rich and Gianni discuss Rich's trip to Minnesota where he took the Veecon stage as a speaker before traveling to landmarks spaces in Minneapolis including a trip to Paisley Park with Spike Lee. Then, the podcast dives into a conversation with none other than Gary Vaynerchuk himself. Gary Vee has lived many lives as an entrepreneur, marketer, and social media dynamo -- physical lives, that is. Meanwhile, in the reality of the virtual, it may be that the 45-year-old is just beginning to hit his futurist stride as the world of Web3 grows in both relevance and resonance. This episode of the inaugural Boardroom cover story includes a wide-ranging conversation in which Vaynerchuk goes deep on how he's managed to be years ahead on technological trends, the popularity and promise of NFT platforms and his broader vision for the future. Show more