Inspired by the cult classic film How to Get Ahead in Advertising, that episode of The Office where Dwight kills Angela’s cat, and several camp skits we once wrote, this podcast presents a ludicrous and deeply incorrect view of the branded podcasting industry. From naming your aviation podcast “Bombs on a Plane,” to receiving a cease and desist notification for stalking Samuel L. Jackson, to underscoring sad breakup interviews with sped-up circus music – THE JAR AUDIO EXPERIENCE ™ team is bound to steer you completely wrong as they brainstorm their way ineptly through endless pointless meetings. Think of their guidance as lessons in “what not to do” at each stage of the branded podcasting process. Stick with each episode to the end and you will also hear some apparently sincere advice from the @RealJARAudio team, on everything from choosing a podcast name, to finding guests, to picking out music, marketing your show, and more. Don’t forget to like and follow us wherever you get your podcasts. But don’t follow us anywhere else. That’s creepy. Show more