From The Blockchain
“From The Blockchain" brings you today’s most innovative entrepreneurs and thought leaders to unpack the true potential of smart contract technology, web3, and the digital frontier! Host Ashley Smith is thrilled to have you join today’s top tier community of forward thinking trailblazers.This show brings substance over hype - say goodbye to the noise of NFT and cryptocurrency market speculation. Instead, From The Blockchain aims foster a culture of idea sharing, creativity, and innovation that transcends industries, revolutionizes business, and drives meaningful conversation… and perhaps, even disruption.The future is now and if you're determined to remain ahead of the curve, From The Blockchain is for you. The purpose of this show is not simply to report on innovations; rather, to help shape them. If you're ready to forge a path to becoming a thought leader in your industry or organization, think of this podcast as your compass. We're bringing you insightful discussions with experts, visionaries, and mavericks who'll inspire you to see the world through a new lens of limitless opportunity.So buckle up, because each episode is packed with groundbreaking insights, thought-provoking discussions, and stories “From The Blockchain” that'll make you reimagine what's possible!__PRESENTED BY:This podcast is proudly brought to you by Fame Lady Squad.The From The Blockchain podcast was launched in December 2021 as a significant mission-driven “relaunch" roadmap item for the Fame Lady Squad NFT (digital collectibles) project. FLS was the first ever all-female generative PFP (avatar-style) NFT collection launched on the Ethereum blockchain - one which was founded by men who claimed to be women during a time when women were minimally represented in an important emerging technology. When the founders' lies were discovered, the smart contract for the project was handed over to women, including your From The Blockchain host, Ashley Smith (also known by her Bored Ape Yacht Club PFP alias, “Bored Becky”).  Through the podcast and its affiliated social channels, Fame Lady Squad seeks to educate, empower, and inspire a diverse audience interested in the future of business and industry, offering a high value alternative to typical "bro culture" media prevalent in the web3 arena. Thank you for tuning in!  Show more